Charlie's Cheshire Butter

Churned in the heart of Cheshire by those that know how!

Our Butter

Churned by Charlie using fresh pasteurised cream, the cream is churned until it separates into butter grains and butter milk.

Charlie has been churning butter for ten years now and uses just a small amount of salt to give Charlie's butter that kick that makes it melt in your mouth.

Our butter is churned differently to most butters on the market today as we use a small mechanical churn where the buttermilk is extracted from the butter grains so giving it that golden colour and quality taste.

Our butter has a shelf life of 12 weeks refrigerated or 12 months frozen.

Our Cows

Charlie is a third generation dairy farmer who along with his wife and two young children have run the “Crosshillocks” pedigree herd, milking 120 cows with 90 followers.

With an enthusiasm to get people to appreciate real butter and the journey it takes to get to the consumer he prides himself on the welfare and health of a dairy herd.

Our Crosshillocks herd was established in 1928 originally on the outskirts of Liverpool.

We're so proud to be dairy farmers in this beautiful county of Cheshire that we offer people the chance to be a farmer for a day.

Our Products

  • Charlie's Cheshire Dairy supplies salted butter in greaseproof paper in small quantities from 100 to 250 grammes for farm shops and delis to 5kg and 10kg tubs for the catering market.
  • Buttermilk (the by-product of churning the cream to make the butter) is available on request.
  • Also due to its low fat but high protein content we are currently trialling a sports nutrition drink for muscle regeneration after exercise.

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